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Kribensis parent behavior - what are they doing??


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I am new to breeding Cichlids, and I have an Albino Kribensis family. They are being kept in a 20L, planted with sand substrate, and they are the only fish in the tank. Their fry are 6 days out of the cave and are doing very well in my opinion - I can see their little bellies turned pink from the BBS they've been fed, so I know they're eating well.

They're active, and overall happy fries, but the parents keep darting at them and scattering them out of their school. The mom will be calm and gentle and then one moment she darts at a baby like it's prey. Then there's the papa who will swim back and forth over the top of the group rather fast, and sometimes he darts across like he's chasing an invisible intruder, and it kicks up the sand and scatters the fry. I'm not sure if this is normal, or if this is a sign the parents are stressed, or are they trying to circulate water around them to keep fungus from growing? (I read that they will mouth babies to clean them from fungus and such).

I lean toward letting nature take its course, but at the same time I really would like to raise some of these babies to adulthood, so I'm watching closely for behavior that signals it's time to remove the parents, like the male being impatient to breed again. Since it's my first time with this species, I'm not exactly sure how that's going to look when they have fry.


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