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penny wort issue

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i bought the potted penny wort from the co-op, grew out of the tank, had tons, but suddenly it began to melt away until i barely had any left (i had aprox. 6 foot long sections, loved it had some planted, and some floating, it was growing like duck weed 🤔

did not make any changes to lighting, ferts, etc,  Anyone else have this hppen??

THANKS for any insight 

Glenn A.

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Hey Glenn, when you say you didn't make any changes to ferts, do you mean that you haven't changed the dosing? That may be the problem. You may need to increase dosing to meet the new plant volume/growth you have in the tank.

When the plant first started out, it may have needed say 10 units of nutrients. The level in the tank was kept around 40 units with regular dosing. The plant grew 5 times as much, so it needed 50 units of nutrients, but there was only 40 units available in the tank. Compound this problem over weeks and weeks and it could have led to the plant dying off.  

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Oh, shoot that was the one thing I did change (been using nilog thrive c) liquid and i did up the dose from 2ml per week, and as it grew so fast i raised the dose and began adding an extra 1ml  so i was actually dosing twice a week (only other plants in tank at the moment are 1:big java farn,  #2med/small J.Fern Windelov, #3anubias nana and a nice size portion of anubias petite (awesome lill" plant) 

Well anyhow all were growing, actually was shocked by how often the Nana was making leaves (sucker even flowered)

placed plant order thru coop had like 6 plants in grow out tub, had to leave for a week so i said lemmie toss in the 4+ inch piece of penny wort, when i returned home i had nice roots and leaves larger than a quarter some were the size of the old 50cent peace, few wks later began extra fert regimine

thanks for the response, sorry so long 1 too many mountain dews 

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 i just had a thought i had been dosing seachem advance every other day, then i ran out (unfortunately i did not do my normal ocd thing of taking notes, due to the fact it was only a 10gall for a HMPK male Betta, (love the HMPK bettas) notes on h2o yes but not as crazy with the plants and fert notes as i do with my 40g, post its notes in every color 

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