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Cichlid Identification

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I have ventured into the world of (slightly) larger African cichlids.  With my water hardness and the ph of my buffered  tank, it only seemed right.  For dither, I have a small school of 6 African Red-Eye tetras, which are visible in some of the following pictures.  I then got three cichlids, which is where the wisdom of the forum comes in.  One of the cichlids, my favorite of them at this point actually, was bought from a tank that was listed as "Peacocks." He has a really cool striping of red, white, and blue at the tip of his upper fin. Now that I've looked around, I starting to think he may be a hap instead.  The other two were bought from an "Assorted African cichlid" tank, one of which I believe I identified as another hap (the red and yellow with the bold lines), but I'm not sure on the blue.  At this point they are all happily coexisting, but I was hoping the forum may have the id of all three, just so I know and can dig in a little more on the research.


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I’ll take a stab at the ID. I love this game!

The first one could be a Hap variety like “red empress”. 
The second is likely a Hap obliquidens (Lake Victoria).

The blue one is probable Pseudotropheus socolofi. 

Hope that helps! 

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