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Isolated in South Carolina


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Hi. I’m kind of a newbie in S.C. where I am trying to isolate from the virus and I am isolated from quality fish stores. Only several big box where all the employees are new hires. I don’t know anyone that is into fish keeping so I think I will always be a newbie.

I was born in Northern IN just south of Chicago. Moved to NC when was 20. Spent 40 years there before moving unwilling to S.C.. Yes, I am old. Have kept dogs, cats, birds, gerbils, guinea pigs, and a husband but never fish until about 4 years ago.

 I am a poverty stricken retiree (more so since fish keeping) but volunteer at an animal shelter. Before Covid I was spending at lot of time at Petco and Petsmart taking care of our Rescue’s cats. I always go to the aquarium section to see what has come in and what is floating in the tanks. I have often told them about sick fish in their tanks but the stores never staff enough for them to be cared for properly. Sorry for going on.

I’m here to learn. Please be patient with my silly questions. Sorry I’m advance.


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Lee, no need for apologies brother. 😊 We’re all here to learn and share.

 I’ve been following Cory on YouTube for several years, gaining knowledge about fish, aquariums, pumps, lights, foods, etc.

 I don’t even have my aquarium(s) setup yet. 😜. Our daughter is currently living with us, in what will be my office/fishroom, until she builds her house.

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