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Single Female Clown Killifish Amid Hoard Of Men

Miranda Marie

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Hey all! I recently (a couple months ago) got a 6 pack of Clown Killifish from Aqua Huna. At the time, they were all so small that it was hard to sex all but a couple. Now that they have grown significantly, I can finally say with certainty that one is a female. Everyone seems to be reaching sexual maturity and the males have started hovering around her/following her around pretty regularly. I'm concerned this is going to stress the poor thing out long term. I know it's usually recommended that you keep multiple females to each male for this reason.

I have a small 6 gallon tank along with the 20 gallon they're currently in, so theoretically I could move her over there. But clown killis seem social, so I don't know if that would also stress her out.

What would you do in this situation? Remove the female? Leave her? Put her and a single male in the 6 gallon? Their current tank is planted and she seems semi adept at ditching the males pretty quickly, but still.

Thanks in advance!

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