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How much do you spend on a new tank?

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So I've set up a lot of small, betta community tanks that are planted and only ever use a sponge filter. Luckily once you accumulate some things you can reuse things and cut down on cost! But usually, with driftwood, plants, the tank/stand and the fish, and equipment of course, it's around $200-$250 for me. I always try and buy my tanks and stands off of Facebook marketplace, and sometimes I get lucky and a light already comes with it. I either buy plants from my LFS or Aquarium Co-Op itself. Unfortunately I usually am working with a tight budget so I will buy things like heaters, air pumps and lights from Amazon, because with those things they have the best price. I will spend more $ on fish at my LFS than opting for cheaper ones at Petco, to get healthier fish. 

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It varies depending on what I’m going for. Here is a crude breakdown of two tanks I have that are about the same size. 

1.  Rimless Community 
 Aquatop 11.3 gallon rimless cube: $70

Light: Fluval nano plant: $95

Tetra whisper HOB: $25

Heater: $30

Eco Complete substrate: $30

Wood decorations: $30 

Plants: ~ $50

Test strips and dechlorinator: $40

Total: $370

Everything for tank number one was purchased at Aquarium Co-op or another LFS. 

2. Guppy grow out 

10 gallon standard Aqueon: $10

2 x Aquarium Co-op sponge filters with airstones: $17

Air pump: $15

Shop light: $10

Plants: free from other tanks

Bag of crushed coral for livebearer health: $5

Total: $57


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