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Random fish whimsy's


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So we like fish and people who love is know we like fish I thought it could be nice and maybe amusing to see some fish novelties we have acquired and been gifted over the years.

Here are a few of mine including a strange rubber purse that inspired this thread



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Ooh, I like to see fish-related decor. That change purse *is* strange! It would be a good way to hide money since nobody would recognize it as a purse!

I probably have a bit more of this kind of stuff than I should. Some favorites: this fish plant pot, currently sans plant, and-- not quite fishy but fish-related-- this lovely golden snail who stands guard over some treasured books, including my William T. Innes volumes. I also have 'a few' of these vintage tea towels in different colors packed away (I lifted this pic from online), which I bought planning to sew them up into throw pillow covers when I have a sunroom one day...


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