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I saw today that my betta was acting a little sluggish in my 20 gallon community so I did all my water tests and they all were good so I looked at my thermometer and the tank was at 80 degrees almost towards 81. My heater is set to 78 so I assume it went bad. I unplugged it so the tank will stop rising in temp but I have a few questions:

1. Will the tank drop too low overnight until I can get another heater in the morning? I have a small heater in my 5 gallon that is empty right now, should I move that heater into the 20 gallon for the night?

2. What is the best heater out there that won't cost an arm, a leg, and both kidneys? I know most heaters aren't great but what have you guys seen?

Thanks so much!

EDIT: If I were to order something from Amazon, what should I do to keep the tank at a good temp until then? 

Additionally, what's the lowest temp I can go? I have a betta, neon tetras, and snails.

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