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Add-On Feature to Upcoming Co-Op lights

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A problem I have as a newer aquarist is that I bought many different lights, wanting to test what would be best for my own situation. All of these lights use a different feature to automate; my Nicrew lights have an inline timer, my cheap lights utilize a wifi timer, my Fluval 3.0's use an app. What would seriously impress me to the next level would be a product from Aquarium Co-Op that could allow me to physically sync these different products together. Cory, I think your products are better than anything on the market. How lucky am I to begin a hobby with such an invaluable resource such as yours.

This is also my introduction. I am a Veteran and a father of twin boys. My autistic son's enthusiasm for the aquariums at a popular box-store kickstarted my interest. 

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I think the amount of time and money to do this would be crazy.  Needing to reverse engineer so many different products.  It’s not prefect but the wifi timers Aquarium Co Op already sell work so incredibly well.  I purchased some a while back and haven’t needed to touch them since.  
Good Luck

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