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Thread Fin Rainbows?

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So I saw these super cool fish at a LFS, and I've learned my lesson about impulse buying fish.

Have any of you kept these? Are they easy?

I'd put 2-3 in a 30 gal with 7 Diamond Tetras and 2 Bolivian Rams, or in a 20 with 11 Cherry Barbs and a Powder Blue Gourami.

Both tanks regular community parameters, planted.

If they were 4 bucks, I'd just try them, but they're $12, so wanna be sure they'd be okay.

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I recently purchased 9 of these fish. At the fish store I was advised to have a 2-1 ratio, two females for every one male.  Also, they more or less need to be in a tank by themselves or with a group of other peaceful fish.

I have them with 2 Bolivian Rams, 7 Harlequin Rasboras, and one Angel Fish. in a 46 gallon tank.

They are very peaceful and the Angel Fish I have does not bother them but the Threadfin Rainbows do stay out of the area of the Angel. 

They quickly became one of my favorite fish especially when the males flair their fins.

In addition, since they have tiny mouths, I crush the food for them and feed them Daphnia too. 

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