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Thanks for the plants! New 55 gallon tank setup


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Just added water to my new 55 gallon tank set-up. A special thanks to the Aquarium Co-Op team. My plants arrived and look great! Water is still a little misty from my substrate and tap, but I'm excited to be up and running. The aquarium sits on a custom stand I built myself. This was such a fun project, and my intention is to add a group of freshwater angels and some other community fish once things get established. Thanks again to the Aquarium Co-Op team!


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Thanks, Patrick! It's a DIY fluidized bed filter using K1 media. The idea is that the media in the bottle is constantly moving which promotes the growth of new and more efficient benefitial bacteria. It sits on top of a sponge filter which provides mechanical filtration. Plus it looks kind of neat 🙂 and you can take out some of the cycled media and use it to seed new tanks. Here's a video of Cory making one, just in a slightly different way: 


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