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Modifying Ferts?

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I know I should have micro and macro days for ferts. And I think a separate iron day because something Cory said about macros and iron? But how bout supplementing? Can I add extra seachum potassium or Nitrogen to my macro days, then extra Iron to my micro days? 

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On 3/11/2022 at 8:44 AM, Tommy Vercetti said:

Yes you can. The macros are Nitrate, Phosphates and Potassium (NPK) therefore Potassium is a macro. It is the "K" in NPK.

Thanks, I'm aware of which are macros and micros, I just wasn't sure on mixing brands. It seems im running into to macro deficiencies again, even tho im dosing more than ever..... So am I correct in assuming that the only thing I need to avoid is mixing Iron (easy iron) with Nitrogen? And that I am safe supplementing that on micro days (FlorinMulti) 

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