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Fish Selection for 36g Bowfront Aquarium


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I got this 36g tank a few weeks ago and now it is being cycled.  In the meantime, I purchased 2 female Neon Dwarf Gouramis, 1 Blue Ram Cichilid and 1 Butterly Ballon Molly(that was all they had >.<), they are currently being quarantined for about... I think this is the 3rd week. Other than those fish, I have a few surviors from the Ich outbreak: 2 Green Lantern Platies, 1 Serpae Tetra(acting like a platy). I introduced them this week, and so far they have been getting along pretty well. So now I am thinking to get more fish to be put in my quarantine tank after I put the above-mentioned fish in the 36g tank. 

I am thinking of getting male flame dwarf gouramis, but I don't know if I want to risk it because people say they fight a lot. I would like to pick out some fish that are no bigger than the dwarf gouramis because I would like them to be the center piece type of fish. I know you would recommend tetras, but I would like to pause on tetras for a while since I lost a lot of them from Ich. So I'd appreciate if you could share any ideas in mind. Thank you!

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