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I want to build a copy of "The automatic guppy fry sorter!" by Brandy in "General Discussion" from Oct 29, 2020


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I want to try to set up one of my tanks like the tank in "The automatic guppy fry sorter!" by Bandy in the thread in "General Discussion" from Oct 29, 2020.

I have a 15 gallon tank, the 2" matten filter pad, the uplift tube. I plan to put a sponge filter on each side. I am looking for advice on keeping the pad in place.  I remember someone talking about it recently, but I can not find the thread.

Brandy's thread says:

 I used the matten sponge from the 10g in this new 20g high, and made a frame out of pvc. Two things I learned as soon as I filled the tank the first time was that the matten filter and frame, while well fitted, want to float, and when a 20 high is full the glass bows just slightly, loosening the fit. I used black silicone to attach the frame to the glass. 

I don't see the frame in the photos. I know I am missing something. 

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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Hi! So I still have the fry sorter set up and what I did originally was overly complicated, because the matten sponge I had didn't fit my tank. 

However I have a second matten filter in my 125g, and there I did what I probably should have done the first time. I cut the sponge mat to the place I wanted it to go, then I cut 1 inch strips of plastic and siliconed them into the tank.

The plastic I used this time was black "starboard" leftover from a boat project, but previously I used white PVC trim from Home Depot that I spray painted black. Thick glass would also work. The idea is to glue in some "tabs" to hold the sponge in place.  

here is the tab from the front:


And here is a terrible pic from the side thru the glass. Blue arrow pointing at tab


Hope that helps!

Also, just so you know, you WILL NOT need additional sponge filters. The matten is plenty. 

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