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First attempt at first tank


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Hi all,


Just got into this hobby, it's expensive but exciting and most importantly rewarding. This is a 20 gallon tank that sits in the family room as a corner piece so I gotta make it look pretty.

Plants I'm using are rotla in the corner, Monte Carlo as a carpet but only in the back (will cover 25% of the tank) I want to keep the front clear, got some anubias petite and java moss on the dragon stones and Hygrophila as background.

I have fluval stratum as substrate. No soil, no fertilizer and I didn't use anything additional(no seachem products). Internet told me that stratum should take care of my plants in the first 6 months at least, because of the added nutrients.

I also have fluval u2 filter running. Although I'm not sure if I should keep it or replace it with a sponge filter. It is doing an amazing job at keeping the water clear.

I did not add additional ammonia to kick start the nitrogen cycle, something I'm still learning. I might move the lucky Bamboo and some decor from my betta fish tank to introduce bacteria.

I do plan to add fish and make it nice colourful community tank for the kids (including myself) to enjoy.

Let me know what do you guys think or if you have any advice for me.







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Looks good to me! Welcome to the forum. 

Plants can be grown without fertilizer in the water but it’s not what I’d recommend for a first try at aquatic plants. I’d consider all your plants great candidates for fertilizer in the water column, especially the anubias. Fluval Stratum does have some nutrients, but not as much as some other aquasoils.  It should be introducing some ammonia into the water that you can measure with you test kit and that is a good source of nitrogen for your plants, but I’d be inclined to add Easy Green to give your plants the best possible chance. 

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