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Spots on pectoral fins


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My blue acara has these white/clear marks on the pectoral fins nowhere else. The fins have looked this was for over a month. I treated with salt and then with maracyn oxy. They dont seem to affect him, he eats and is very active. Any help identifying what this could be would be very helpful 

Water Parameters:

  • ph : low 6.4 to 6.8
  • Nitrates : 25 ppm
  • Hardness : soft 
  • Nitrite : 0 
  • Ammonia : 0 
  • KH/Buffer low
  • Water Temperature 78


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I'm certainly no veterinarian but if the fish is acting normally and you've treated if for the basics it may be nothing more then scars. In some fish the thin cartilage that makes up the pectoral fins can get injured (from aggression or battling tank-mates) that injury heals by developing scar tissue around like a cartilage injury in humans.

I could be waaayy off but thats my theory since your water looks good and the fish is behaving normally. Those injuries can get secondarily infected (fungal?) and may appear as white fluffy growths. Close observation may be all you need but.. You could go through the entire Aquarium COOP med trio to rule out anything else?

Hope that helps, nice looking fish too!



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