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Do same species but different colors of fish school together?


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20 gallon long with Seachem Tidal 55 filter. 

I have 3 Panda Corydoras. I bought 7 about a month ago but one died after getting stuck in the crevices of the bag on the way home. 3 more died the first 2 weeks. The other 3 seem okay. But I know I need to get more so I’m probably gonna get 3 more in hopes that none of them die but if they do hopefully at least 1 will make it. 

I have 6 Black Skirt Tetras. I got them a week ago. 2 of them looked pretty bad (ripped fins) when I got them but they seem okay. 

I was originally thinking about getting a centerpiece fish like a Dwarf Gourami, but now I’m thinking about getting 6 White Skirt Tetras so I’ll have a black and white theme going on with my pandas. Would they swim together in one big school? 

I’m mostly happy with the 6 but feel like it just wasn’t enough. I could also just get more of the black skirts. If I do that I’d probably have a total of 10 Black Skirts and the get enough to have 10 Pandas too. 

I’m open to other suggestions too. I’m just worried about the BKT being nippy with other fish. 

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