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Toys for the aquarium


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I just got a new toy for my aquarium viewing. It is called "Educational Insights GeoSafari Underwater Explorer Boat, Magnifier Bottom". Not only does it iron out any movement in the surface of your water from HOBs and sponge filters, the steering wheel and propellers really really turn. And it has a magnifying portion so you can see those little fry up close.  Now I can see exactly how fast the corys clean up the food that gets past the other fish and sinks to the bottom, so I can tell if the corys are getting enough to eat in addition to the sinking algae pellets. It is so cool to see the little neon tetras eyes light up as they look up though the boat's bottom. 

But remember that like everything else for your fish, don't let anyone try to sneak off with it and use it in the bathtub and get soap on it. Fish and soap do not mix.


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