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German Blue Ram guarding food


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Gday guys. I've just recently re-joined the hobby.

I'm running a heavily planted 15 gallon tank, All water parameters have been stable and perfect for 6 weeks now. I have a sponge filter and a small internal filter with medium and fine foam and bio balls. I do maintenance every week. A week or so ago I added my feature fish which is a female german blue ram. She wasn't in the greatest shape but she has well and truly recovered and is behaving like a spoilt brat right now. I have 5 neon tetras, 5 lemon tetras and 3 corydoras. At feeding time she completely takes over the front part of the tank and chases everything else away, she even bullies the cory's which are quite a bit bigger than her. I do watch and all the fish are confident to keep coming back and getting food so I'm not overly concerned about them starving I'm  just concerned the other fish will become stressed or they will get injured. I think its pretty much stocked to maximum so I don't think I could add any more rams. Should I be concerned?


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