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UK/Europe Quarantine Meds

Mr Gumby

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Apologies if this is already posted but here's my qt protocol which may be useful for those of us who can't use the co-op trio

I have used the first three together with no issues to shrimp, snails and plants but full disclosure I haven't tried ndx as a combined medication

eSHa 2000 (fungus, finrot & bacterial treatment), Ethacridine lactate, Copper sulphate, Proflavine hemisulphate

eSHa Exit (anti whitespot treatment) Ethacridine lactate, Malachite green,  Methylene blue

eSHa gdex (against skin flukes, gill flukes & tapeworms),  Praziquantel

eSHa-ndx (against parasitic nematodes), 

Levamisole hydrochloride, Sodium metabisulphite, Methyl parahydroxybenzoate  
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