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Angel fish keeping


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Angelfish are some of my favorite fish. I love there personality, and there looks.

They are relatively easy to care for and I find they will eat almost anything. All my angels in the past have been absolute pigs, I fed them flake food but some xtreme pellets like @bettta999 mentioned will also do. A great treat for them would be frozen blood worms, mine loved that.

Keep in mind that Angelfish are cichlids, so anything small (like smaller tetras) will get eaten. I've had rummynose tetra, and cardinal tetras with my angelfish. A good amount of the rummy nose and cardinals were eaten. Zebra Danios seemed to be a great tankmate for them. They are big enough so they don't get eaten and can serve as a dither fish for your angelfish.

I like to keep my water tempeture around the high 70sFaernheit with angels (78F-80F).

My ph with them was around 7.0-7.3.

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