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New Co2 Diffuser not working

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Recently purchased the Co2 Diffuser from Aquarium Co-Op's website. Unfortunately, the bubles do not come out of the diffuser. The Co2 is coming out of the lining instead. This is not an issue with my other diffusers. 

Note: I do have Co2 lining. Is there a way to seal the tubing where it connects to the diffuser? I ruined my last one trying to super-glue it tight, and had to buy a 2nd -_-

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Couple of questions to help. How deep are you placing the CO2 diffuser? And what is the CO2 source? I struggled with the same diffuser in a 20 gallon high. It's too deep and too much pressure for the average bread yeast, sugar bomb set up. The diffuser may act weird like you describe because the pressure needs to be so high if you are 10-12 inches deep. To test this, try and run CO2 into it in a shallow cup. If it works in the cup, go shallow in the tank. If you are using yeast, let that pressure build up for awhile as well. Might take over an hour in some cases.

Dennerle supposedly makes a brown stone based diffuser that makes tiny bubbles with low pressure sugar bombs. I think it's called the Ultra line. I can't find a retailer in the U.S. or I would be all over it. 

If you have a pressurized CO2 tank then it probably is something wrong with the diffuser. Might clean it with bleach to see if it helps? 

Be sure to report back. Good luck!

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Thanks for the response! 


I have a 22G Long - so the diffuser is about 10" under water.

The Co2 Source is a 5lb pressurized system with regulator. 

I have been testing in a shallow cup - and nothing will come out of the diffuser. My other diffuser was just fine - however, the bubbles were not as fine as these. 


I am actively soaking the diffuser in bleach - and testing every hour. 


I will keep you posted if I have success. Everything I have found online says a bleach soak is the solution 😕 but 3 hours in - and no success so far.


Edit: The diffuser worked very shortly within the bleach solution - and then quit working again. That is how I know the bubbles are much more fine then my previous diffuser - and why I am so steadfast on making this work 😛 

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If you have a real tank and a real regulator that should work. Well, unless you have a weird regulator. I was thinking about buying one from Milwalkee Instruments until I found out it was low pressure and not recommended for aquarium use. So that does happen now depending on your brand. Maybe leave it for an hour or two to let pressure build up? Sounds like that thing is having trouble though.

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Yeah - it is interesting. The PSI on the outlet is actually decently high. 
The Diffuser is not letting air through. When I test - it actually comes out of the line a bit. You can see the bubbles. But its not nearly enough to do that. Maybe their is an issue somewhere in the line. I will redo the entire line tomorrow 😕


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