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Anubias petite melt?

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Yesterday I received an order from the Co-op included some Anubias Nana petite. Everything looked fine at the time, though I have no real experience with Anubias plants. This morning, my shrimp and snails have...uh...eaten a bunch of the leaves. I was under the impression that they were detritivores and wouldn't actively munch on plants. Is some level of melt expected with Anubias plants? Were these leaves already dead? The shipment was delayed in transit so they spent a fair bit of time in the dark. I didn't want to bother customer service if it was just something that happens to all Anubias when shipped, thought I might start by getting some nerm opinions.



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It looks like you received a specimen with some necrosis. I’ve never had shrimp or snails eat a healthy anubias leaf, but they do try and clean up the damaged or dying parts. This particular plant looks less than prime. I’d send a pic to customer service and see what they can do for you. 

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