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I don't know much about RO systems and would like some advice. I originally thought I would never because of the price but I found one on marketplace for $20. Is this all I would need other than new filters?  I wanna make sure it's not "oops its only part of the thing."  Also does it just connect to my faucet?



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On 12/29/2021 at 4:56 PM, Cinnebuns said:

Is this all I would need other than new filters?

You can connect to a faucet, you will need a faucet adapter for that.  

That looks like their basic 3 stage 24 GPD system (24 gallons per day).  It should make you about 1 gallon of RO water an hour.

In addition to the filters I'd also replace the RO membrane if it is included.

Here is a quick video, he is working with a 4 stage unit, the one you are looking at is a 3 stage.  Only difference between the two is the 4 stage has an additional carbon block filter.


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@KBOzzie59 ty!  After talking with the lady she said she would include what's needed to attach it to a faucet so I'm good there. I think this will be a great buy. When I saw systems were like $150 for the cheap ones I said noty. But $20 I can do!!  


Just curious but why replace the membrane?  Not even sure what that is tbh. 

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