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I kill all my plants ☠️


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So the first plants I ever bought were Marimo moss balls. I’ve managed to keep them alive for 2 years. I then bought an Anubias nana and a dwarf chain sword. I killed the dwarf chain sword almost immediately, but I’ve managed to keep my Anubias alive since January. I never removed it from the basket it came in and just plopped it into an easy planter from Aquarium Co-Op. How long can it remain in the basket? Should I remove it? It has started sprouting out and down the rock planter, so I’m not sure what it’s trying to do.

I also recently had a BBA problem and sprayed the Anubias with hydrogen peroxide. Seems to have worked and even a new leaf has popped up, which is good because I was afraid I’d kill it with the peroxide 😬 

I also just purchased Java ferns and dwarf baby tears. It took only 1 day for my dwarf baby tears to come untied from the driftwood and get sucked into my filter. And now my Java ferns are looking a little rough. I just want pretty plants 😩

I started using Excel but was just reading that it will kill my moss balls, so I’m going to quit that. 





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Anubias and Java Fern are both fairly bulletproof plants. Moss balls are a form of algae and from my understanding certain seachem products work as an algaecide. 

As far as removing anubias from the pot, I personally would if it were mine as I like stuff to be able to spread out. However, if it is doing well it may be best to leave it be. Your Java fern may be going through a bit of stress if it's new. Sometimes leaves end up dying off. It happens. I would go ahead and snip off any damaged leaves as they will only hinder the plant as it struggles to keep that leaf alive. Think of it as getting a hair cut to remove dead ends for the health of your hair.

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I bought some Java fern and it went through an ugly period for awhile in one of my tanks but it's doing really well now. It might just be adjusting to your water. The best advice I've received from this amazing forum is:

1. Buy a lot of different kinds of plants. Some may not do well, but others certainly will and you can stick with more of those.

2. Be patient with your plants. They go through stages. It's hard to sit back watch and wait, but it's rewarding later when you have a lush underwater garden. 

You'll get this! Just like everything else, there is a learning curve. 

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