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Avocado wood as hardscape??

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Hello so i have lots of wood laying around my backyard that has been dried out for 3 years now but the avocado wood has caught my eye for my 85 gallon. However i have read that there is a toxin called Persin in most of the Avocado plant. Its toxic in large quantity for dogs and cats but it says nothing on fish. I look it up on youtube and its just videos of people propagating the avocado pits in there aquariums with live fish. So could i use the wood if properly prepared?

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I would not, im pretty sure the wood also contains some of the toxin present in the seeds. So if you were to have a fish that scrapes the wood like a pleco or other algae eater, they could ingest the toxin. You could always test it in a bucket to get a 100% accurate answer.


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