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Hey! Wondering if any of you who have kept Kribs can help. Is there any fish at all that can be kept with a spawning krib pair. After witnessing the carnage and aggression brought on in my community tank from them protecting their fry I thought I’d come here for advice. Thanks! 

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My female killed the male Krib so I never got past the cave guarding stage.  So my advice is limited .  They never bothered the harlequin rasboras or the pygmy corys. Bigger corys seemed oblivious to their aggression, the apistos (I know not a smart mix) did get chased but that was as far as things went.

As said never got to the fry stage so no idea if things would have escalated but I'd have thought any fish that are not in their space should be ok or smart enough to keep clear. And nothing to similar to them. 

I suppose you need to find fish that can't threaten the fry. So the parents don't read them as a threat.

Hopefully someone with a bit more knowledge can help further I've not replaced my male yet as I don't really want to throw another victim to the black widow. Single kribs are pretty easy going (still don't like the apistos though) so you could separate them.

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