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I recently watched a video that @Ireneput out about fish food and how to store it to keep it fresh. I am using the Xtreme flakes, and Xtreme nano pellets for my fish. I was looking at the jars today and I did not see an expiration date. In the video it was recommended to keep flakes in the fridge and or freeze the fish food to maintain the freshness.

Does anyone know how long the Xtreme foods last sitting out of the fridge in a cabinet, and how much longer they would be preserved by refrigerating/freezing them since they don't have an expiration date on them (or at least I did not see it)? How are you storing your dry foods?

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I've always kept my dry foods in a cabinet and haven't experienced any fish losing interest in them through the end of a container, which can be a few months. Fridge would probably be better but... I'm lazy. There are other things you can do to extend shelf-life though:

  • Keep it cool. If not using a fridge, I mean room temperature here. Don't set the food on top of a heated aquarium, or worse, on top of the light.
  • Keep it dry. One wet hand into the food jar and it'll go bad in no time. Lower humidity in the room doesn't hurt either. 
  • Keep it sealed. This is the one that's hard to control because you need to open it daily to feed, but at least don't break the seal until you're ready to use it regularly and always close the lid after feeding.
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