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Nerd alert - happy about a fairly rare plant

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The more plants I get, the more fascinated (and nerdy) I get. The plan was from the beginning to keep African and/or South American cichlids and as we know, plants and cichlids aren't a match made in heaven. I earlier kept Oscars for example and one of them got startled and decided that he wanted to spend some time pretending to be a dab whelmed by gravel.  Think grounder.  Well, for now, much because of bad influence from Cory, I keep guppies, and guppies and even more guppies - I'm overwhelmed by guppies.  And plants.

All this ramble has to do with that I  f o u n d  "Anubias Bartieri Nana Pinto", in Hungary of all places. Here in Sweden none of the established retailers have them in stock. Why I don't know, maybe "Tropica" doesn't think these plants grow fast enough to be good business. I just wanted to share that I'm ridiculously happy about a plant, it's gonna melt, I'm sure, but I'll do what ever I can to keep it alive and hopefully thrive.

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