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Goldilocks- Three Stages of Oto

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It's low tech, and I have a fluvall nano 3.0. It's almost harder NOT to grow algae. I never run my light above 50% of its capacity, or else the bad algae like blackbeard and hair gets out of control. 


Edit: I'm not going to say it's impossible to breed otocinclus in a high tech, but it must be lot a harder, or require  a lot more dialing in. The balance between plant growth outcompeting algae is a lot different. In a low tech tank, if you add about 10-20% more light than the plants need, you can grow less aggressive algae. Too much more light than necessary and you start getting hair, beard, and brown algae.


Also, 5 oto "teenagers" (4 months old) on a blanched zucchini. 1 on each side, one below, one above, and one on the rim.


As for the soft green algae: it needs a seed crystal, and a matrix to grow on. The micro-food I feed like Bacter AE provides the seed crystal, but you can't overfeed, or overlight, or else the more aggressive and less beneficial algae will overrun. It's a lot like gardening. And as your tank gets more and more plants, you must increase the light.  


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