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  1. I have this tank right next to my desk. I run a canister filter and a sponge on mine. Canister because as long as it’s full it’s almost silent while giving some current, and sponge because I pretty much feel every tank should have one for backup and/or having a seeded sponge in case it’s needed. Regardless, filtration is filtration IMHO, it’s about finding the mix that works for you. I would watch your water parameters and see if it is really overstocked for your current. on lighting, bowfront are typically pretty deep. So you’ll need a moderately powerful light. LED aren’t a requirement, but I like them so I don’t have to change out bulbs. But there are specific plant bulbs you would need to run. I choose LED because it’s simple and easy. as far as plants, it depends. You have a variety of fish and some are plant eaters. You’ll need to research and see. But. There are some heartier plants like Anubis that have a heavier, more waxy leaf that most fish leave alone. So that’s an option you can look at as well. 2“ of gravel should be ok for stem plants, or you can do what I do…pot them in small terra cotta pots and bury them in the substrate. I fill the bottom half with crushed coral to add some buffer to the tank and a plant substrate to top it off and adding root tabs. As a side note I found some awesome 3“ players at Home Depot that don’t even have the drain hole. It lets me pull them out when I need to catch fish and for an under gravel filter, doesn’t let the roots get tangled in the filter itself. a few notes. Mystery snails only eat dead plant material. I keep them in most tanks simply because I have a huge affinity for them. so my advise. Take pictures of each fish and try to identify them. Then figure out where to go from there
  2. Thank you all for the input. I’m working on getting something over the next few months for my big bowfront. Love this community!
  3. I run a smart home, but I keep it fairly simple and easy to deal with. When working with things I like them simple, durable and reasonably priced. I i currently have most of my aquarium lights on timers and that’s awesome. Breeding and grow out tanks get low light plants so I don’t really need 3.0 or the like for them. where I run into trouble are my high light tanks. Sure I can get a 3.0 and set it to manual and on a timer. But that’s a ton of money for things I’m not going to use. Personally I don’t need sunrise, sunset and moonlight Bluetooth etc etc. stingray kind of works, but doesn’t seem to work well on my deep tanks. All the rest I’ve found require -programming and need reprogrammed when they lose power i don’t want t5 because I’ll forget to change bulbs. so where can I find led plant lights that don’t have all the unnecessary gewgaws that can blast light down 30” that will turn on and off with power flow? Help?
  4. I think it really depends on sellers. Locally we have people who want almost new prices and some just want it gone. Some people just don’t understand the resale value of tanks is ridiculous. Laugh…if I worried about letting people down I wouldn’t have this hobby. Lol. 72” wide. 16” deep either side. 23” center depth and 28” tall
  5. There’s also the option of masking you pvc air runs. We don’t run a full loop, more of a U shape. As we change our fish room around to make it more presentable, I’ll be adding floating shelves just under them or maybe covering them if I’m feeling punchy. I have many of the same sound issues, air pump vibration noise sets my eye teeth on edge, so the last pump not only lets us handle the 30 plus tanks in the fish room not only cut out 10 + plus power cords, I don’t have to hear all those @*## pumps.
  6. Yeah, it’s either going yo be awesome or a complete flop. Laugh. Mot much in between. We already have the scape material, her tank decor is probably going to displace 30-40 gallons. More on that later when I verify it will or will not work.
  7. So, my wife wanted a big tank and I started the hunt. I found a full oceanic kit, drilled with overflows, original stand and company with a sump. It’s a nice tank and was priced to move. So I got that heavy beast and brought it home. A week later someone offered another one for the same price only with a pair of sun sun canisters and no overflows/drilled bottom. Ok. Now I get one and loaded up the second heavier than a car aquarium. having lurked on the forum a long time I thought I would finally join and document what we are doing. First part was tearing down the two tanks we moved for the project, getting them in and level, only had to tear down half the living room to do it. This is where we start…
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