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  1. The other platy is female so I guess it could of been her though she didn’t get that big and I feed bug bites flakes tropical and sometimes there spuralina (I know I spelled that wrong lol) flakes. And I’ll feed 2x a day smaller amounts and do the water changes and the foods not brand new though I don’t know if it’s old it could be.
  2. She looks like she’s going to pop and she’s given birth a few days ago I don’t know how many I just saw 3 cause I was on a mini vacation well she’s getting bigger I think and she’s literally pooping long pale brown strands every time I look at the tank I feed once a day a reasonable amount can anyone help? she’s the non Mickey Mouse one
  3. Wow that was a lot of great info!! I’ll get a bigger container and definitely dm you if I have any further questions. Good luck with your tank!!
  4. I have a few questions 1. How many gallons is that in the picture 2.mine is 1 gallon is that too small 3. If it’s not too small how much metroplex to put in
  5. Ok I have the perfect container! (It looks like the one pictured) and an extra cycled filter And yeah somethings wrong cause I took the snails out and put them in my 20 gal and put a slice of cucumber literally next to my plecos head and halfway through the next day none of it is gone
  6. I’ll try and answer all the questions haha and about the medication I don’t remember if I have that one but I know I have metroplex and I’ll call tomorrow and ask petsmart if it was imported or domestic bred and now I’m worried that your worried cause that could be a big issue if he has something going on. By the way I don’t have any repashy at the moment but I have gelatin and veggies! One issue is I have ghost shrimp in with my pleco I could always move the snails but I can’t really move the shrimp I’ll try unless someone else has an idea I just don’t want them to get eaten But if they do there 39 cents so it wouldn’t be much of a loss if I had to get more
  7. Sorry another fish forum use abbreviations for different fish that’s why I said rl pleco instead of rubber lipped pleco
  8. So I have 3 mystery snails and a rl pleco in a 20 gal along with other fish (not overstocked) well the pleco was having trouble finding his food cuz he is very skinny and only a few inches so someone on fish lore said I should temporarily put him in my bettas 5.5 gallon to fatten him up well there’s also a mystery snail in there and the mystery snail just eats all his food and so do the shrimp how do I feed this guy without these darn snails and shrimp eating it before he can get to it! Times ticking cause he is very skinny and I’m scared he will pass soon sorry I don’t have a picture he hides a lot there’s like no algae either I feed cucumber zucchini algae wafers and algae pops (I know there for shrimp)
  9. Thank you so much There’s a platy in there too (long story it’s temporary) If I put him back to my community tank will he hold the risk of spreading bacteria to all my fish? He’s not showing signs of popeye
  10. pH 7.4 Nitrates 20 Hardness unknown sorry Nitrite 0 Ammonia 0 KH/Buffer unknown sorry Water Temperature 78ish so my betta who I noticed had popeye is getting worse I put kanaplex which says on the label can treat popeye but now there’s like white stuff on his “eyelid” (above the eyeS) and the white stuff is on both now. How do I treat this without mixing meds and making it toxic for him kanaplex says treats bacterial and fungal infections by the way Also the white stuff doesn’t seem to be fuzzy or anything
  11. Ph 7.6 ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrate 15 so I noticed when I got this guy about a month ago his eye was a tad swollen but didn’t think anything of it well I think it’s gotten a bit worse and now I’m a little worried does he have it? I have kanaplex and Maracyn and aquarium salt. He’s in a 5 gal with a male platy (very temporary) it isn’t comtagious is it? They are both acting fine
  12. So all my community fish had white poop so I used prazipro and then I mixed metroplex and focus in there food. Well now there ok but my pregnant platy only has white poop is this normal. Last night I put her in a 5.5 gal cause the male was attacking her. Other than that she’s acting normal ph 7.6 ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrate 5-10 ppm hardness: I forgot (not anything crazy though) Should I keep dosing metroplex cause I don’t think prazipro is doing it.
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