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  1. HVAC guy here. The reason the aluminum content was high is due to the evaporator coil material which the water condensed on. The water is acidic so it tends to leach aluminum and copper from the coil. I wouldn’t use it in my tanks. You could use it to water plants but know that it has no mineral content so I wouldn’t use it alone for the plants.
  2. Thanks. Yesterday I swapped the male and female so that the female was in the fry box. Let her out about two hours ago and it seems the male has taken back control which is a good thing. He doesn’t chase her around the tank non stop and ramming her like she was doing to him. I was wanting to purchase multiple females but my lfs only sells them as a pair. Would it be better to get another pair or try and source more females elsewhere.
  3. Thanks for the response. They are old enough I’m positive they are sexed properly. I find it crazy at the change so quickly. I watched them in the store tank for a good 15 minutes or more and they seemed to have paired up. The male was chasing away all the other males and females. He was the boss of the tank then I put them in this tank and she turned psycho killer on him lol.
  4. Two weeks ago I picked up from my lfs a male and female apistogramma agassizii double red. They are in a fluval flex 15 gallon fully planted tank for quarantine with plans on putting them in my planted 75 gallon tank. The first few days the male was the dominant one but wasn’t being aggressive. I went out of town for work for 2 days and when I returned I found the male sucked up against the bottom filter return. Thought he was sick and dying and was going to remove him to an isolation tank and that is when I saw the female attack him. At that point I put him in a small fry box just to get him away from the female. Left him in fry box for 24 hours, he colored back up and was looking good. I decided to try and let him out of the fry box and watch their interactions. Immediately the female attacked. She isn’t defending a certain area she is chasing him down no matter where she sees him and is ramming him. She seems to be out to kill the male. I know the female can be aggressive when defending eggs but I have searched the tank and there is no eggs to defend. Anyone have any advice on how to go about getting these two back in the same tank? I bought the pair in hopes one day they may have fry but at this point I can’t have them in same tank.
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