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  1. I recently got my betta and I got the Tetra Betta flakes, the Hikari betta bio-pellets and also some frozen blood worms. The first week he got a pinch of flakes in the morning and more or less 10 pellets in the evening. Because I thought: whatever he can eat in a minut 🤣. What he could eat in a minute was 12 and more pellets in the evening. When I found a little cinnamon role on the gravel, I realised that this was probably due to overfeeding (but asked for confirmation here). So after a day of fasting , he now gets a very tiny pinch of flakes in the morning and 5 pellets in the evening. Because of the overfeeding, I haven't given him any bloodworms yet. I'm also wondering how much bloodworms do I give him?
  2. Thank you @xXInkedPhoenixX, I have seen so many in the different lfs over the past months and was never sure which one I would choose, but as soon as I saw this one, I knew and even took it home a bit to soon 😏 I thought so much. I just wanted to be sure it is poo as it was layed down like a small art work 😅. He didn't get any food tonight, let him flare for about 15min and then lights out. No more food until tomorrow evening. Thanks for the feedback!
  3. Hi EveryOne I'm just new to the forum and also new at the fish keeping world. I've been full-time gathering information for about a month or 2, while cycling my 10gallon for a betta and maybe a small school of endlers. I have my betta (and an assasin snail) now for a few days and this morning I found some strange cinnamon role looking poop (I suppose) in the tank. I can not find a lot of information (especially pics or videos) showing what poop is supposed to look like 😁. I think this is the result of overfeeding my betta? at 8am he gets e very small pinch of Tetra Betta flakes and at 8pm I give him about 10 to 15 Hikari Batta bio-gold pellets, which he devours in less than a minute 🤭. He wasn't bloated yesterday, so if you think this could be something else, let me know. My betta and his poo
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