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  1. I'm on the second half of a bottle of S.G. and it's not setting up as firm as first half, starts falling apart when it hits water. Makes a big mess in tank. Maybe shake before every use?
  2. Looks like fun. It's 43 deg F. here in West Point Ca. Had 16 inches of snow that last storm we had. Crazy weather. Hang tough. Stay warm. Warm enough last week for me to take dog on scooter rides for his birthday. Got in 20 miles on my second ride 67 deg f..
  3. Maybe run a dimmer light. Make them feel less exposed.
  4. Are all aquarium heaters junk. I've lost 3 in as many months. They die after power comes on from an outage. I guess the surge kills them, nothing else is affected, guess my TV is tougher than an aquarium heater Long ago a heater lasted close to the life of the aquarium. Heating filaments must be made very thin now, they are made to replace frequently just like light bulbs. My outdoor mini pond baby bluegill dropped to 63 deg. f a few days ago. I had new a heater, so I installed it. Took two days to get water back up to 65 deg. f with the outside temps below freezing. But all are happy.
  5. I found something interesting. While feed Soilent Green cake I dropped a piece on floor. I threw it into a bin holding meal worms, that I feed my bluegills. Half an hour later walking by meal worms I found the Soilent Green covered by meal worms. Great way to always have fresh Soilent Green for fish is to feed extra to meal worms. Now bluegill will get worms packed with Soilent Green and other fish will get fresh Green, I put chunks in several meal worm boxes and not a trace left 9 hrs later. Stay warm only 9 inches snow left from 16 inches.
  6. Had same thing not as bad. Figuredout it was old food turned white with age. My tanks set on floor, so I got a piece of 1/2" clear tubing about 5' long. I just hold one end in mouth and other end I take short inhales to pull junk off bottom and move on, you just have to watch the dirty water in tube so you don't swallow any. I did this a couple of times and it looked good again. Good luck.
  7. I'm long in the tooth and reflexes slow down and so do bikes. I ride a 2019 Yamaha 125 Zuma scooter, with customized 56 quart igloo ice chest dog box. I needed a step through for my bad knee, Motorcycle caused. My dogs name is Tex he will be three in Jan. and has 7500 miles riding behind me he started at 3 months old and 16 lbs and is now almost 3 yrs old and weighs 60 lbs. He is with me 99% of the time so you will see more of him I'm sure. During summer and warm days I take a 42 mile road in the mountains and I'll only see 6 cars for first 3 miles after that 1 or 2 cars is all I will see for whole ride till we get back.
  8. Yes Bluegill and channel catfish are native to most of the US. A very hardy breed of fish that will take a lot of abuse. Mine are pretty spoiled. I'm heating with a 150 watt heater and a Thermosiphon I ran through window into living room space that is always heated during winter picks up heat of room with a piece of copper tubing circulating water heated by the room. It puts out 4 to 11 deg F. of heat at each pass of the water into the tank. Its very cool. Pic is of ten feet of 1/2" copper tubing I could add another ten feet for mor heat, but temp going to pond is usually around 74 deg. F. I keep my living room around 78 deg. F. So far my tank only gets down to 70 deg. F. and 32 deg F. outside. I cover everynight and have two layers of reflexics on whole setup.
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