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  1. Hi Bat, Can you tell me how your betta is doing and what you did? Yes, mine started to get worst, with holes in his fins and a more lethargic behavior. I'm treating him with Maracyn Two and higher temperature (from 77 to 80) I see maybe some improvement. It doesn't looks like fin rot but maybe it is.
  2. Colu, thank you so much for your reply, Silvia
  3. Hi guys, my betta has some holes in his fin, do you know if it's fin rot of some other illness? Thank you
  4. Italian is my first language. Thank news born in Italy and moved in the USA when I was 23.
  5. Silvia

    Betta with spot

    Heavily planted, the temp. is 77, Nitrate <10 (I would like it around 30/40), Nitrite 0.5, Tot. Hardness 150, alkaline 40, ph 6.3, ammonia 0. Today I have to do a 1/3 water change for remove the medications. I'm trying to raise the ph a little with wonder shell but so far is not working. I can try to add coral to the filter. Low Ph is good for the Betta but I have also a ghost shrimp a mystery snail. I set the 9gl. probably 4 months ago. Thank you, any suggestions are welcome.
  6. Silvia

    Betta with spot

    On the second from last image you can see some lighter spot (but they are visible only when the light hit him in a specific way).
  7. Silvia

    Betta with spot

    Hi PhoenixX, yes, the main spot is the one on the head, it's not fuzzy. There are also some irregularity on his body.
  8. A few weeks ago I bought a Betta at PetSmart. A few days later I noticed a very small white spot behind his gill and one discoloration on top of his head. I decided to put him in a hospital plastic container inside his 9gl tank with salt, almond leaves, and Ipa Ick cure. The white spot went away but the other one didn’t. A few days later, still in the little container with the medicine, his fins started to break longitudinally. I ordered Ich-x and Fritz Maracyn. Unfortunately, there was a problem with USPS which caused a delayed in the delivery. Waiting for the medicines I end up buying, and used for 5 days, BettaFix, with no positive results. Today I’m finishing the second cycle of Maracyn and Ich-x but the spots are still there. His fins are much better and he does eat and swims normally. I’m feeling like I tried all I could think of. Do you have any suggestions or diagnosis on what I can do next? Thanks
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