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  1. This week as we welcome Thanksgiving I want to say I’m thankful for fishy friends and community. I was diagnosed with anxiety and aquarium’s are so calming. I’m glad to have aquarium co op on YouTube and so many others to help me through treating my tank and learning more info on this rewarding hobby. Everyone have a peaceful holiday and enjoy.
  2. I think I restarted the cycle when I freaked out and deep cleaned the tank after seeing what I suspected to be worms
  3. Test strips arrived nitrates 0 nitrates 0 ph 7.5 kh 40 gh 60
  4. Ok thanks one if at top of the tank fins clamped now
  5. I am starting treatment in my fish tank for internal parasites. I ordered the quarantine trio and am wondering if I should just add all 3 medications to knock out anything my fish may have that I’m not aware of or should I just treat for worms only? Update: I was watching my tank a while and saw one of my fish poop the poop hit the graven then wiggled on down. I some friends over they confirmed my tank has distritis worms and planaria excuse the improper spelling. I added paracleanse to the tank today I hope this works
  6. Quick question can my fish get worms again? Are live bearer’s generally unhealthy or more prone to Illness ? I wanted to add black mollys and cardinal tetra next month or so.
  7. Thank you so much. I’m looking at my tank now one fish is sitting at the bottom. I’ll start treatment asap. What should I expect will they start to act differently during treatment or release some gross debris into the water so I am prepared 😳
  8. Okay thanks! I’ll order both now. Should I replace the gravel and wash the rocks replace the filter cartridge after treatment?
  9. I’ve had the new fish 1 week I did not fast them or quarantine them due to not having a second tank. I just ordered a second tank to use as a quarantine tank that will be delivered tomorrow as well.
  10. They are eating very well and very active I am not sure of the water parameters as I am out of test strips and completed a water change today. More will be delivered tomorrow. There is no flashing or weight loss however they do appear a bit swollen in the belly but gills are not pine cone like.
  11. I have a 38 gallon freshwater tank with platy and guppy. I noticed this white poop on the gravel and rocks and floating shortly after adding new fish. I believe the poop is an indicator that the fish have internal parasites? Is this correct? I assume this based on research 🧐 and if this is correct how do I treat this? Help Please! I have a long time fish in the tank that I adore and I don’t want to lose him or any of the others. Thank you
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