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  1. Hi, I noticed a white lump on the side of my angelfish and something with its eye. I've included a some photos. All other tank mates are doing great, no issues. The Angelfish is still eating and swimming around.
  2. Unfortunately, they passed away this morning. One of my goldifsh, however is now displaying breeding stars. So I'm not sure if the two are connected?
  3. Hi all, Yesterday I noticied my ranchu was staying at the bottom of the tank. Visually, I see nothing wrong in tems of disease. The other ranchus are doing well and active. He still moves around but mostly stays at the bottom like in the video. I dosed general cure into the tank after a 25% water change yesterday. pH - 7.6 Nitrates - 5ppm Nitrites - 0 Ammonia - 0 Temperature - 24 celsius / 75F I'm thinking it's an internal issue? he's able to swim up towards the surface just fine, and I don't see any like tilting or sideways swimming from him. Any advice? I've uploaded a video of him to youtube cause I can't attach it with the post:
  4. @Rusty Sprinklerthanks! i tried looking for some orange around the belly area but only had orange on the fins which confused me tbh.
  5. Hi all, I've lfs has lots of convicts in a tank and I wanted to pick out a female for a breeding project. I had a good look of them and saw some with orange patches on their fins but not on the belly area. And some which had no orange at all. Are the ones with orange on their fin (top fin) female?
  6. It's kinda funny you mention that because I'm struggling to keep nitrates high for my plants currently 😂 But thank you for the tip! I might rescape the tank soon to create more hiding places.
  7. @Brian My tank size is 65 gallons, the dimensions are similar to a 75 gallon though. I think I might go ahead with a group of 6, reading all the comments, it sounds interesting to see how a group would interact.
  8. @xXInkedPhoenixXThey're listed as Mikrogeophagus ramirezi, or the blue ram. I have a few options with the color type though. Yeah, I was also thinking about aggression from a breeding pair, but I don't know how a group dynamic would affect this. I've also heard rams are usually peaceful too, thank you for your comment!
  9. Hi all, So I have an oppurtunity to get a group of ram cichlid, around 5-6. I'm just wondering if they do well in groups? And what type of behavior I can expect? Thanks!
  10. @Seattle_Aquarist Hey, it's funny you ask cause I was just thinking yesterday to give you an update ahaha. I have been dosing iron and potassium for the past 3 weeks, and they definitely look a lot healthier. Some of the old leaves look more green and healthy, and new growth looks good too. Still figuring out if I need to increase the dosage for the tank as a whole but for now I'm slowly increasing week to week and seeing how the other plants do as well.
  11. @Seattle_Aquarist Oh wow that was a really amazing answer! It was really interesting! I really appretiate the effort you put into helping me. I'll be going to my lfs on Friday, so I'll pick the Iron supplement. Thanks very much!
  12. @Seattle_Aquarist 1) yes based in Europe 2) It's gravel 3) pH is 7.2, I don't know my dKH, dGH
  13. Hi, My hygrophila has grown in quite dense and nicely, but the leaves are turning a white ish colour. I use the tropica root tabs, and I recently started dosing with the tropica premium nutrition liquid fertilizer. Is it a mineral deficiency?
  14. Hi, Last saturday I got a group of 10 julii cories, and over the past week I've gotten 3 deaths. My parameters are 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites and 5ppm nitrates. The rest of the fish look fine, my angels, platies and bn pleco are fine. Is this just a case of new fish dying or should I be worried? I treated the cories with meds when I first got them too.
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