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  1. Sorry for the lack of details. Yes i have a lid, the other fish in the tank are guppies, and it's now almost a week. Oh and it is a planted tank but the plants are just starting to grow a bit. Thank you for the idea. I have 2 spong filters and a shrimp filter. Ive looked around all of them and didn't see any..
  2. Hi guys, thank you for helping me last time, I have a new mystery! I bought a beautiful loach and two Cory's but the next day they disappeared. I know they are nocturnal so I've been looking in at all hours, I can not find them anywhere. Ive even pulled out some rock and wood. How did this happen?
  3. Thank you guys for helping. It had actually grown since I got him. It is barely showing color and so small that it is almost impossible to figure it out. I have it in a shrimp and schooling fish tank. Does anyone think this might be a problem?
  4. Hi everyone, I am in desperate need of help. I bought some Molly's to go with my guppies but ended up with a baby rainbow fish in the bag. Can anyone tell me what type it is? I've had a few kinds in the past but they were all very different and they didn't come as babies.
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