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  1. Yeah right! Might be a good idea! I have a great deal to learn from my mistakes!
  2. Jeff…The pre-filter is course. It is sponge. After the pre-filter on the TopFin Pro, there is a second sponge which is fine. Then the water enters activated charcoal, then ceramic rings before it exits back to the tank. The tanks are so clear, you wouldn’t know that there’s water in the tanks. The fish look like they’re swimming in empty space. Both tanks. 20gal and 75gal.
  3. Thanks Odd Duck. Yup! Fish and aquariums take time and patience….and persistence! No doubt about it! Appreciate your response and the responses of others. New to this forum. Joined today. Glad I did! Great bunch!!
  4. Fish in. Did several water changes. Had to break the filters down, completely clean, replace cartridges. Would come right back within a week or so. It would clog the filter outflow, clog up the cartridges. The water did remain clear. No surface scum or debris. But, the filter was a mess! That’s why I switched to the TopFin Pro. These are not newly set up tanks. They’ve been up for some time! Beats me?? After setting up the TooFin Pro in both tanks, the water is crystal clear. I don’t know if this stuff will come back! Maybe the pre-filter will catch it before it hits the filter. It’s only affecting the filter. The rest of the tank is fine.
  5. Thanks Odd Duck. Makes good sense and clears up my question! Was using cartridges before. The cartridges would gum up with this slime within a week. The tanks have been up for several weeks. I have a 20 and 75 gal. They are in 2 separate locations. They both have the same problem! This stuff just clogs everything up. Before, I was going through new cartridges every other week!
  6. Another question. I’m relatively new to fresh water aquariums. My previous filters would clog up with a miserable mucous like growth. It was cloudy and slimy and just grew all over the filter. I would have to break the filter down every week to get rid of this gook! It would come right back! What is this stuff? I couldn’t get rid of it! I thought switching to the TopFin Pro might eliminate the problem. Too early to tell. This slimy stuff is a nightmare!
  7. Thanks for the reply. That’s pretty much what I thought. Just a marketing perk which really doesn’t do all that much. Does seem like a pretty good filter though. Too early to tell. But, I did agitate the tanks quite a bit. Lots of debris in the water. But, it did clear the water quickly!
  8. I just purchased 2 TopFin Pro Filters. Just put them up. Water clarity looks great! However, not sure how protein skimmers work. My tanks are fresh water. This skimmer just floats at the surface. Doesn’t appear to be doing anything. It’s hooked up to the pre-filter. Just sorta bobs at the surface. Don’t quite understand what that does. Need some help understanding what this thing does.
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