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  1. thank you, I did my water test over and same reading. I'll head to pet store with water sample.
  2. thank you, i did see crushed coral on aquarium co-op, maybe I should retest water.
  3. Started my 37 gals around July 8, planted 1 Dwarf Sagittaria, 1 water sprite, 1 baby tears and 1 red melon sword. I cycled my water for about 3 weeks using prime, stability, Fluval hang back filter with sponge, carbon and bio wheels. last week I added an established filter sponge from local fish store along with 6 male guppies. I'm hoping to add more community fishes each week. Now can someone help me understand my water reading, I'm using aquarium co-op test strips. What ranges do i want to be in for community tank along with future shrimps. Nitrate --- 10-25 Nitrite --- 0 Hardness --- Hard --- 150 Buffer KHPPM --- 0 PH --- Low --- 6.4 Ammonia PPM --- 0 is my water ok or should I be in full on panic? any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you
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