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  1. Update, the skinny frog passed away. I’m disappointed that he would have been shipped in such poor condition in the first place. Hopefully I can eventually put the surviving one in with my other frogs without issues. For now I’ll continue to quarantine him.
  2. Hi, I recently ordered two platinum African dwarf frogs. One arrived appearing healthy and the other painfully skinny. It’s been five days since I got them and the skinny one isn’t doing well and developing a fuzz on his foot. I’ve been feeding baby brine shrimp and bloodworms and have observed the skinny one eating. I’m just bummed bc it doesn’t seem like he’s going to make it- is there a med I can buy quickly and in person (I could order one but probably won’t arrive in time) that might help? Google tells me it’s probably a fungus. Thank you, these guys are so cute and it breaks my heart to see one suffering. Photo is of the skinny one on day of arrival and today where you can see the fuzz.
  3. Thank you! I would never have guessed. I'm enjoying all of them so far!
  4. Thanks all! Yeah sorry the photo quality is so bad, I was snapping away on my phone. I ordered "assorted fish" and wasn't sure about some of the species! Upon further inspection I do think the colors look slightly different from the ruby tetra.
  5. Hi, I'm looking for opinions on what these fish are. The one pictured alone in the bare tank is a bit larger. The other circled fish I was guessing could possibly be Ruby Tetras? Thanks for your time!
  6. Wow thank you for the information! I never would have guessed that!
  7. I have a ten gallon tank with green neon tetras, chili rasboras, hasbrosus corys, a nerite snail and amano shrimp. I noticed these blobs, about half inch in size. Are these possibly eggs of some kind?
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