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  1. That sounds perfectly reasonable. Thank you so much for taking the time to iron all of that out for me! I was a little concerned but it sounds like it will make for an awesome tank without worrying too much.
  2. That seems pretty reasonable. It sounds like with all the fish I listed it would only be slightly overstocked, especially considering the ember tetras are pretty small. Would it be safe to assume that since it's heavily planted and is using a canister filter I should be good to go? EDIT: I should also add that the guppies are all males so they will not be making additional fish. They are also about a year and a half old so I don't expect them to live too much longer.
  3. The tank runs steady at 76 degrees F and the cory that I currently have is a Julii Cory. The other five that I am looking to introduce would also be Julii cory's. If they do breed it won't be a big deal as I have some other tanks I could move them to if they make too many.
  4. Hey everyone! I have a 40 breeder that I have had setup for a while but it's time to introduce some new fish. Currently I have roughly 5 otocinclus catfish, 1 corydora catfish, 3 guppies and one bristlenose pleco. Along with that I have at least 100 cherry shrimp. I am thinking about introducing 4 dwarf gouramis, 5 more cory catfish and 8 ember tetras. The tank is heavily planted with a fluval 3.0 light and a fluval 307 canister filter. It also has co2 running somewhat heavily. The tank has been setup for several months and parameters are all good. I typically change about 30% water every two weeks. Would my tank be considered overstocked with the new additions? Is there anything else I should be worried about? Cheers and happy fish keeping!
  5. It sounds like adding dechlorinator would be an easy fix if you are not including it already. I would even suggest doubling up on doses as it doesn't appear to be harmful at these levels.
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