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  1. Still cycling the tank. Almost ready. Nitrites present. Monte Carlo growing hopefully gonna get a nice carpet.
  2. Thanks Cory. The light I’m using is nicrew classic it’s 25w and 1900 lumens. Just started dosing with easy green all in one. As I stated below tank isn’t cycled yet or established waiting on nitrites to convert and I started developing green hair algae, removed all I could from plants and did a 30% water change.
  3. Appreciate the advice. Also started getting green hair algae. Tank is still new no where near established or cycled. I’m pushing nitrites rn so shouldn’t be too much longer. I’m dosing my water column with easy green all in one. My substrate is fluval stratum I believe, the volcanic soil, I put root tabs in as well, also started getting green hair algae. I wiped all the plants off and completed a 30% water change.
  4. I have a few plants in my tank that are starting to drop roots from the stems. 2 in particular are scarlet temple and Pogostemon Stellatus Octopus. Both of these plants are rooting down the entire stem. Is this normal?
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