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  1. I sure wish You guys were closer to me. Where I live here in Idaho There is not 1 single Club or Any Associations Of Aquarium/ Fish Keeping etc. I have been Considering for many years to Start one But I have zero Idea how one would even begin lol. Anyways Wish I was closer to more Fellow Hobbyist's.
  2. Thankyou All for the help and suggestions. Greatly Appreciated. @gardenman Yes I have actually done this type of construction/Aquarium 3 times with very great success. I constructed 3- 135's the tanks are totally bullet proof, they are awesome. * these were built way before the current lumber ripoff took root*
  3. Dwayne, No Spokane is not a far drive for me. I just want to make sure if I do in fact drive anywhere They will have the Quantity in stock that I require first. Spokane in roughly 4hr ish drive for me. Jason
  4. Thank you Fish Folk for your Reply. I do have a Petco near me in Lewiston.. However most of their product Aquariums are made by Aqueon. Now I am not saying Aqueon Are not good Aquariums however I have had Issue's with them regarding Tempered Glass or not. *see link below* I have talked to several Aquarist on various other forums regarding which Aqueon Aquarium is Tempered? Several times many received mixed responses from the Company leaving many scratching their heads in confusion "including myself". The Adhered sticker can sometimes not be true. I have already busted several tanks and wish not to continue down this rabbit hole. I want to be able to Drill all my Aquariums. Jason
  5. Hello all, I am looking for a good reputable Aquarium company preferably near me to stock my new Fish room. I am looking for multilabel Glass Aquariums that are Not Tempered. I will also consider Acrylic Aquariums if Non tempered is not available. My location in Idaho is very remote however I would be willing to Drive a reasonable distance if shipping is an issue . Would like to have these aquariums as quickly as possible so any help would be greatly appreciated. Jason *estimate sizes* L44xW24x18H? Height is workable and 20L's
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