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  1. I added some stress coat to the specimen container I acclimated him in and also the tank.
  2. I noticed this afternoon while feeding and checking on the fish that my spotted Raphael catfish has a wound on its side. In suspect that is is from where he has been hiding during the day by the heater and I believe that it burned him . Luckily my quarantine tank is empty at the moment so I put him in there to monitor the wound. My question is should I add a dose of Maracyn to the tank or some salt as a precaution or should I just monitor the wound with no meds and keep the water clean and see if it heals up on its own? Any advice would be helpful. thank you all for your time, Justin
  3. Anyone use the pen style meters? Look less expensive but may not be as accurate I believe they can be calibrated also though
  4. Anyone have a suggestion on a decent affordable digital ph meter? thanks, Justin
  5. Thanks Nabokovfan87 for your time and advice I’m going to try the coral in my filter. thanks again Justin
  6. Hello, I have a 120 gallon planted aquarium going with injected Co2 via inline diffuser and have noticed my festivums acting odd hiding and not eating. I checked water parameters and everything is good except the ph in the tank has gotten fairly low. The ph is registering 6 on the API liquid test and the lowest reading on the CoOp test strips of 6.4. Being the lowest value on the tests I’m fear it could be even lower. I have soft water in my area with little to no gh and kh so not much buffer. The tank has a fair amount of driftwood with eco complete as a substrate. I would like to raise the ph some and also add some buffering capacity to the water to avoid ph fluctuations. I really didn’t want to mess with the ph at all and just keep it as it would be naturally with water changes but I feel the ph is getting too low with the co2 and lack of gh and kh. I want to add crushed coral to my canister filter to add the hardness to the water. My question is how much coral would be a good starting point to start to remedy the issue without raising the ph too quickly and harming the fish? Thanks for you time, Justin
  7. Thanks xXInkedPhoenixX The angels seemed shy at the shop where I bought them so it may be their nature being young. Hopefully they gain some confidence as they get bigger and I put them in my 120 planted tank. I can dim the lights to try to help but also they are going to have to get used to the light at some point living in a planted tank. I guess a gradual approach to the light is a good idea. thanks again
  8. Hello, I just brought home two blue angelfish and have put them in my 10 gallon quarantine tank. When I first brought them home I acclimated them and put them in the tank with the lights off for the first evening to let them settle in. I added some penny and horn wort to the tank to give them some cover to feel more comfortable. My question is the next day when turned on the light they went right to the bottom and hide together in a corner. When the lights go off in the evening they come back out and swim about the tank and eat the food that has settled on the bottom from the earlier feeding. Would you consider this normal for new angelfish and should I leave the lights off for longer till they get more comfortable? Thanks for your time, Justinphoto of when I first introduced them to the tank with lights off and no plants yet.
  9. Thank you guys for your time and input. I’ll move forward with some manual removal and trimming of affected plants. Thanks again
  10. My question is about the green hair algae I have going on in my tank. I know the problem is caused by a imbalance of light, nutrients, and Co2 but when I get these parameters in balance will the algae die off on its own or will some manual / chemical removal of the algae be necessary to get rid of the algae that is now in the tank? thanks,
  11. Thanks for the info i wasn’t aware there were so many varieties. I thought it may have something to do with the region they were caught from which accounted for the differences. Thanks again,Justin
  12. Looking for some help identifying these two fish. I know that they are both a type of festivum cichlid but they are different. I bought them separately from two LFS the one on the left I bought first. It was the only one they had at the time and I was told it was a festivum cichlid. I wanted a group of five so I called around and found another shop which said they had four festivum cichlids, one of which is the one on the right side of the picture, but they called these ones “guanian festivums”. My spelling is probably off on this. There are distinct differences in their appearance with one having more color and a more distinct pattern along with a larger eye with red in it. I tried to research the festivums to see if there were different types with in the species but couldn’t find a definite answer. Could they just be different ages possibly? They seem to get along alright but the more colorful one is more of the dominant one chasing the others around a bit but not sure if that is because it was in the tank first and is territorial. Any help would be great! thanks, Justin
  13. Hello I’m currently setting up a 120 gallon tank which I intend to have live plants in. My question is I am looking at the fluval planted 3.0 lights and was wondering if the 48-60” light they offer would cover the tank well enough or should I consider 2 30” lights? The tank is 26” tall and is a fairly deep tank as well. Any advice would be great! Thanks Justin
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