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  1. I added the Fritz Turbostart yesterday. I'm still seeing 1.0 ammonia, 0.5 nitrite and 5.0 nitrate. Do I do water changes and add prime or just leave the turbo start do its thing? Thanks, Lori
  2. Hi, I bought a bottle of Fritz TurboStart 700. Hopefully, that'll kick start things. Thanks!
  3. I'd say it's about a 1.0. It's basically stayed around there since this happened.
  4. Hi, I'm still doing daily 40-50% water changes bc i still have ammonia in the tank. I only have a very small 6 gallon betta tank that's established. Not sure moving media from it would help my 60 gallon goldfish tank? I've used Kanaplex before and it never crashed my cycle. I'm afraid all of this will be too stressful for my fish. Is there anything else that can be done? Thanks, Lori
  5. Hi, Good news is that Almond is completely recovered after the Kanaplex tx. Bad news is I'm having an ammonia spike. I added Prime to the tank and will do a water change. I did a large 1 on Sunday. How long can this last? I've never had my biofilter crash. What else should I be doing? Thanks! Lori
  6. Thanks Colu! Can I treat the whole tank? I have 2 other ranchus and snails in with Almond.
  7. pH= 7.0 Nitrates= 20 Hardness= ? Nitrite= 0 Ammonia= 0 KH/Buffer=? Water Temperature =76 I have a ranchu goldfish, Almond, with a growth near its tail. I did not notice this growth until today. I did a water change yesterday(30%). I'm not noticing any behavioral changes and Almond is eating normally. What do you think this is? How do I treat it?
  8. LoriG

    Ranchu eyes

    Hi, I've had Glorio, a ranchu for 3 years. His eyes don't look like any of my other ranchus' eyes since I've had him. He appears to see me when I approach the tank and he eats well. He shows no signs of sickness. Do you think he has cataracts or something else wrong with his eyes? thanks! Lori
  9. Hi, I just noticed that 1 of my goldfish has a large growth on his web. Any ideas what it might be? Do I need to treat it or just observe? Thanks for any helpLori
  10. LoriG

    Sick betta

    Here are more pics. Not the greatest but hard to get!
  11. LoriG

    Sick betta

    I got a new betta this Tuesday. He’s settling in great but I’ve noticed that his Right eye looks different than the Left. Is this popeye?
  12. LoriG

    Sick betta

    Thanks so much for all of your help Colu! I added about 4-5 pellets yesterday. They’re just sitting on my substrate. Do I just keep adding more? I’ve never done this before. Usually I cycle with ammonia, do a big water change and add fish. Sorry to be such a pest!
  13. LoriG

    Sick betta

    Puffy passed on Fri. She fought hard but the dropsy was too far gone. She had a growth on her face and I think it’s why she passed. She definitely will be missed. I disinfected her tank with bleach, keeping the biofilter in a bucket with an air stone for 24 hrs. I ordered a new betta that will arrive next Tuesday. His tank is ready but since there’s no fish in it, do I need to “feed” the beneficial bacteria with ammonia for the next week or will it be ok until he arrives? Of course, I’ll check my parameters everyday. Thanks, Lori
  14. LoriG

    Sick betta

    Yes I thought so. Thanks Colu😊
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