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  1. Thanks for the info! I bought some Alkaline Buffer at my LFS today to give a shot. Just trying to get it under control before I put any livestock in my new tank. Being my first C02 build, I want to be careful to not have any major PH swings. How often do you need to redose to keep your KH at your desired level?
  2. I found a solution! After not being able to find an adapter for my bathroom sink, I took the sprayer attachment off of my kitchen sink to take a look at its threads. I couldnt get an adapter, but it looked small enough for the python universal adapter and got a great seal with no leaks at all. I did have to take out a smaller black piece out to get it to fit, but it works! Posting for future reference if it helps anyone else!
  3. Anyone here tried out Seachem Alkaline Buffer?
  4. Ahh thats a good idea. I havent wanted to put it on top of my substrate, but I could probably find somewhere in the tank to hide a bag, especially as my plants continue to grow in. Thanks!
  5. Thats the main ingredient in this Carbonate product I purchased. When I run out of this I will look into that, thank you!
  6. Hello all! I am in a quest to bring my KH just a few degrees in my new tank as I am injecting C02 and want a little more buffering capacity. I purchased Aquavitro Carbonate product, which is a liquid additive that increases KH. While this works, the way the dosing works out I will go through quite a lot of it. Has anyone else tried this product? What are some other options you have had luck with? I know many use crushed coral, but I have wondered if I have the space in my filter to fit it along with my other media. Thanks in advance!
  7. Yeah I went to two different Lowes stores and a home depot. Unfortunately they couldn't help me find what I needed. I even looked online with one of the associates who is also a plumber to no luck. Im trying my kitchen faucet now, which is the extendable type. I took off the sprayer part and I found an adapter that will hopefully work with the hose. Hopefully it works, it'll be that or a new sink, I don't want to do the bucket brigade with my new tank.
  8. I ended up getting on of their adapters to try to use on a different sink, well see what happens!
  9. Ive scoured the internet, found a few options that may help. At Lowes I was told I would need something specialized that they dont sell. I am currently getting an adapter for a different sink with hopes itll work!
  10. As with any betta advice I'll give the disclaimer that it depends on the temperament of your fish. That said, I have had my betta in a tank with amanos for over a year and he has done very well. My betta is pretty chill, doesn't flare a lot and tends to keep to himself. I think it also helps that these shrimp are pretty large now, and there are plenty of hiding places in plants. Give it a shot and see what happens, but have a plan if it doesn't work out! Let us know how it goes!
  11. Hello all! I recently purchased a Hygger water change system similar to the Pythons I've been hearing so much about. Unfortunately my sinks faucet with the aerator removed is still too small to be used with the system. I took my aerator and water change system to Lowes and Home Depot to look for an adapter to no avail. My sink uses a "tiny junior" aerator, which is apparently a 3/4" fine thread. I need to adapt this to match my water change system of 13/16" 15/16" or standard garden hose size. Has anyone here had any luck with these systems and sinks that are using these small aerators thank can give me some tips?
  12. Aww I’m sorry to hear that! Mine haven’t melted just stopped sending runners. Have any of the parameters of your tank changed drastically? Light, bio load, trimmings, etc?
  13. Thank you for your advice! I dose based off of my Nitrate levels which I test a few times per week trying to stay in the 10-20 ppm range. Is that what you would suggest?
  14. I’ll continue down the path of patience then! I guess it’s all part of the low tech experience.
  15. Hello! I planted some Dwarf Chainsword in my 10 gallon in December of last year. They started off pretty great and I had a few runners in the first month of them being in my tank. In late January I separated one of the runners and planted it in the other side of my tank to hopefully get my carpet started over there. Ever since however, none of the chainsword has sent out any runners that I can see. The dwarf chainsword that is currently in the tank appears healthy, and the biggest of the plants is still growing new leaves. My lighting/fertilizing rituals have not changed at all since December. My light is on 7 hours a day and I dose easy green one pump twice weekly to keep around 10-20ppm of Nitrate. Has anyone else experienced this, or am I not being patient enough? I am pretty new to carpeting plants and I am open to any and all advice/suggestions. Thanks! Here is my tank info: 10Gallon, Light is a Nicrew SkyLed Plus at 40% intensity for 7 hours a day (2 hours in the morning and 5 in the evening), Easy green one pump around twice weekly, inert petco gravel with easy root tabs and 9 month of fish/invert waste. Water parameters PH 7.5, KH 2, GH 5, Ammonia/Nitrite 0ppm, Nitrate 10-20ppm.
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