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  1. Marnol D, I used drip/float method as usual. Approx 1 cup per .5hr in a 1 liter container. Introduced fish after perhaps 3 hours just in time for lights out. Thanks for your question.
  2. Thanks for the helpful reply, I live over an hour away and have little free time so in person support is challenging. Email is the most time consuming and frustrating way to communicate for me so I'll just chock it up to a lesson learned to deal with my lfs. My experience from co-op has always been good with plants but I think my water is too hard compared to the Lynnwood area for the young fish to adapt to. Tank has been populated for 5 years and parameters are still spot on. As a side note all new fish died 1 week after introduction with the exception of 3 ottos, almost all resident fish are still healthy. So in total 22 neons (10 were resident), 2 sterbai's and 1 otto passed. I'm on well water and PH is 7.6
  3. I was wondering how I can contact the store concerning a large fish purchase from 2 weeks ago. Most are dead and I'm trying to understand how it happened. Kind regards
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