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  1. 90 Gallon Aquarium setup 6 months ago Weekly water change Substrate sand Filter Fluval FX6 Temp 79 Ammonia - 0, Nitrite - 0, Nitrate 5, pH-6.90 No changes to tank, other than it started to get very cloud and pH was dropping (i do buffer with crushed coral as we have low KH) The next day pH dropped to around 4.50, and most of the angels in the tank died, platys were fine. I then replaced the crushed coral and did a water change. The pH is back to normal and seems somewhat stable again, but this was 2 weeks ago, and the tank is very cloud and won't seem to go away. Everything is testing normal. I don't know what else to do at this point, i have confirmed no dead fish remain in the tank or the filter. Any suggestions?
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